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Everything you need to know about Pearlie's Southern Kitchen and The Texas State Fair
What is Pearlie’s Southern Kitchen?
Pearlie’s Southern Kitchen is an award winning culinary brand started by Kerston Crawford-Thorns, inspired by her grandmother Pearlie Mae's Southern recipes.
Where can we try the dishes from Pearlie’s Southern Kitchen?
They frequently participate in the State Fair of Texas. Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming Mobile
Food Trailer at various events.
Has Pearlie’s Southern Kitchen been featured on TV?
Yes! Their dishes have been showcased on several shows including Carnival Eats and the Kelly Clarkson Show.
What are some must-try foods at the State Fair?
Each year, concessionaires introduce new fried dishes as part of the Big Tex Choice Awards, with 2023's contenders featuring items like deep-fried charcuterie boards and fried lasagna balls, but classic favorites include the new OX'CELLENT SOUL ROLL from Pearlie's Southern Kitchen.
How can visitors access Fair Park, the venue for the State Fair of Texas?
Fair Park, located in South Dallas, is easily accessible by car with official parking lots charging $20, and for DART riders, the Green Line takes them directly to two stations, Fair Park Station and MLK Jr. Station, close to the fair gates.
What is the significance of the State Fair of Texas?
The State Fair of Texas is an annual event offering 24 days of family-friendly fun, and it's recognized as the longest-running fair in the nation, celebrating Texan culture, food, entertainment, and more.
Who is Big Tex, and why is he important to the State Fair?
Big Tex is a 55-foot-tall cowboy that welcomes visitors at the fair gates and is renowned as the tallest cowboy in Texas; originally, he served as "Santa" in a Texas town before becoming a symbol for the State Fair.
Are there any cultural attractions to explore at Fair Park outside of the fair season?
Yes, Fair Park, a National Historic Landmark, boasts the largest collection of art deco architecture in the U.S. and houses the African American Museum, the Children's Aquarium, and the Texas Discovery Gardens, all of which offer unique cultural and educational experiences year-round.
Can I bring my pet to the fairgrounds?
Pets are NOT allowed; however, a service animal is permitted for individuals with a disability. Under the ADA, a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability. All service animals must remain on a leash or harness and may not be left unattended.
What is the after 5 P.M. minors policy?
During the 2023 State Fair of Texas, starting at 5 p.m. daily, all minors, age 17 and under, must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or chaperone (21+) when entering the Fair. Parents, guardians, or chaperones may accompany no more than six minors 17 years of age and under.
What animal does oxtail come from?
Oxtails come from cows (beef). Specifically, it is the tail of a cow that is cut into sections.
What does oxtail taste like?
Oxtail has a beefy flavor that is also rich and succulent.
Where to buy oxtail?
Most grocery stores carry oxtails. If you can't find them at the grocery store, check your local member wholesale club (Sam's, Costco, BJ's, etc). Of course, you can also visit your local butcher shop
Avatar photo"Discover the essence of Dallas's soul food at Pearlie's Southern Kitchen, featured at the State Fair of Texas (Big Tex). Indulge in award-winning soul food dishes that tell a story of rich Southern heritage.""Discover the essence of Dallas's"Discover the essence of Dallas's soul food at Pearlie's Southern Kitchen, featured at the State Fair of Texas (Big Tex). Indulge in award-winning soul food dishes that tell a story of rich Southern heritage."

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